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Our Story.

Our idea for La Paleta was born on a hot summer’s night in coastal Fremantle - delicious ice pops and ice creams made with fresh WA fruit and WA dairy. Simple as that.


Starting out as a little stall at the local farmers market, owners Ami and Sally quickly realised there was more demand for their delectable treats than a Sunday market could satisfy.


Fast forward about eight years and, while much has changed, La Paleta has remained committed to that first idea.

When it comes to our ingredients we seek out the absolute best produce the west coast has to offer. We love working directly with local farmers to ensure we are getting the sweetest mangoes, the juciest limes and the freshest raspberries.

Pair this with our team of absolute legends that chop, squeeze, pour, freeze and deliver every Paleta with love, and you have a recipe for perfection!

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